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Ilford FP4+ 125 at 400 in Kodak XTOL 1:1

11 minutes

At 20C, first minute constant agitation, then 10 seconds every minute.

Fuji Neopan 1600 at 800 in Ilford Ilfosol 3 1:9

5 minutes

10 secs agitation every minute.

Solaris FGPlus 400 in Agfa R09 One Shot 1:50

13 minutes

Color film developed in Rodinal at about 20°C. (C-41 to B&W x-pro) Presoake...

Ilford HP5+ 400 in Ilford Ilfotec LC29 1:29

6 minutes, 15 seconds

@24C. Constant rolling for the first 30 secs. 15 sec roll every subsequent m...

Fuji Neopan 400 in Kodak D-76 1:1

9 minutes, 30 seconds

Temp at 68°F, agitated for five seconds every minute. Ilfostop for one minut...
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