About FilmDev

Information about the website

What is FilmDev?

FilmDev is a free website for sharing film developing recipes & dev times. It works by linking recipes to photos on Flickr so you can easily see the development results.

Who created FilmDev?

FilmDev is developed by Darren Greaves (boncey on Flickr). I started it as a fun side-project in 2008 when I started developing my own film.

How do I find out more?

There is a Tumblr blog for occasional news and announcements about the site. You can also follow FilmDev on Twitter for news and status updates. There's also a FilmDevRecipes Twitter account where all new recipes are announced.

FilmDev also has a Privacy Policy.

How can I get in touch?

There is a FilmDev group on Flickr where you can ask questions. To contact me directly just send me an email or use the contact form on my blog.

Is there an API?

FilmDev has a basic API for integrating with apps and other services.

Anything else?

I've made some stickers with the FilmDev logo on and can post them worldwide.

Apps using FilmDev

The following smartphone apps integrate with FilmDev.
You can import your recipe directly into these apps then use them to develop your film.

Data ownership & usage

All recipe text and photos belong to their respective authors.

However, recipe text and metadata are also allowed to be exported from FilmDev via the API. By adding your recipes to FilmDev you consent to this usage also.

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