FilmDev API

Integrate FilmDev into your app or product


FilmDev has a very simple API - currently it only supports getting a single recipe in JSON format.
In future it may be extended to provide more functionality.

Technical overview

The API offers a REST-style interface returning JSON.

Implementation details

You must set a HTTP Accept header for application/json (setting it to */* also works)

The response will be returned as UTF-8 data - make sure your application can handle this.
Many recipes contain non-ASCII text, you can use them for testing.

API Dos and Don'ts

  • Don't: Use the API to download all recipes in batch mode, if you want to do this please contact me first.
  • Don't: Make a heavy number of calls without some sort of delay inbetween.
  • Don't: Abuse the data. Recipes are shared in good faith for people to use to develop film. Please don't subvert this intention.

GET a single recipe

Method URL: /api/recipe/<recipe id>

Method type: GET

Example Request: /api/recipe/5001

Example Response:

  "recipe": {
    "duration_seconds": 0,
    "notes": "9 minutes at 20C",
    "created": "09-Mar-2008",
    "film": "Ilford HP5+ 400",
    "recipe_link": "",
    "user": "boncey",
    "dilution_ratio": "1:4",
    "developer": "Ilford Ilfotec DD-X",
    "format": null,
    "celcius": "20.0",
    "recipe_name": "Ilford HP5+ 400 in Ilford Ilfotec DD-X 1:4",
    "profile_link": "",
    "fahrenheit": "68.0",
    "duration_minutes": 9,
    "photos_link": "",
    "id": 5001,
    "duration_hours": 0

Details: Recipe ids can be obtained from the digits in the URL of a recipe page, or underneath the "Recipe id" text on any recipe page.

Let me know...

Let me know if you use FilmDev in your app please