Recipes & dev times using Developer Agfa Rodinal


Adox/Efke KB 25 in Agfa Rodinal 1:50

8 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F

Normal agitation - continuous for the first minute and then 10 seconds of eve...

Shanghai GP3 100 in Agfa Rodinal 1:100

1 hour

This is a stand dev. Put your Shanghaï GP3 100 in the Rodinal 1+100 during...

Lucky SHD 100 in Agfa Rodinal 1:100

50 minutes

agitate first minute. stand for 40. agitate another 30 seconds. then go have ...
By brnd on 01 October 2009
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Adox/Efke IR820 100 in Agfa Rodinal 1:100

2 hours (Stand developed)

agitate for 30 secs, then left to stand with no further agitation.

ORWO NP15 25 in Agfa Rodinal 1:40

9 minutes

continuous agitation during the first minute, then two agitations every minut...
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