Recipes & dev times using Developer Kodak D-76


Foma Retropan in Kodak D-76 1+1

18 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F

initial agitation 60s, then 5s every minute

Ilford HP5+ 400 at 800 in Kodak D-76 1+1

13 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F

Ilford stop and Ilford Rapid fix

Ilford HP5+ 400 at 640 in Kodak D-76 1:1

15 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F

10 inversions for the first 30 seconds, then 4x each minute after.

Kentmere Photographic Kentmere 400 at 800 in Kodak D-76 1+1

17 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F

Gentle agitation 5 times at the beginning of every minute. Stop - tap water ...
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Kodak Tri-X 400 in Kodak D-76 250+350

9 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F

I put 600ml dev-solution (250ml D76 + 350ml H20) into 1L-steel tank. Contin...
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