Recipes & dev times using Developer Ilford ID11


Freestyle/Arista Premium 400 in Ilford ID11 1+1

9 minutes, 45 seconds at 20°C/68.0°F

Slow agitation applies for the first min and then 4 slowly agitate every min ...

Kodak T-Max 100 in Ilford ID11 1+1

11 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F

Continuous inversions for first 30 seconds, 10 sec inversions every 60 second...
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Foma Fomapan 100 in Ilford ID11 stock

6 minutes at 21°C/69.8°F

10s agitation for every minute
By dtk on 11 August 2016
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Rollei Rpx 400 at 800 in Ilford ID11 1:1

17 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F

inversions first minute and the first 10 seconds of every following minute

Kodak Tri-X 400 in Ilford ID11 Stock

7 minutes, 30 seconds at 20°C/68.0°F

Agitate for first minute then 10 secs at end of every following minute.
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