Recipes & dev times using Developer Ilford ID11


Ilford HP5+ 400 at 800 in Ilford ID11 1+1

16 minutes, 30 seconds at 20°C/68.0°F

shaken not stirred ;) Agitation 10 s every 1 min

Kodak Double-X in Ilford ID11 1+2

11 minutes, 30 seconds at 22°C/71.6°F

agitation 10 seconds every minute

Kodak T-Max 100 in Ilford ID11 stock

6 minutes, 30 seconds at 20°C/68.0°F

30 sec initial, 5 seconds every 30 sec

Silberra Ultima 100 in Ilford ID11 1+1

12 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F

This is the recommended time from Silberra for Kodak D-76

Kodak Tri-X 400 in Ilford ID11 1+3

15 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F

All bathes MUST be exactly at 20° Gentle agitation during 30 s then 5 s eac...
240 recipes in total
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