Recipes & dev times using Developer Rollei D74


Kodak T-Max 100 at 80 in Rollei D74 1+9

6 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F

standard agitation: 1 minute continuous, 10sec every minute after that

Rollei Retro 80S in Rollei D74 1+15

4 minutes at 22°C/71.6°F

Developer is the "double concentrate" variety in a softpack from Firstcall Ph...

Ilford HP5+ 400 in Rollei D74 1+15

6 minutes at 21°C/69.8°F

D74 developer was "DC" version. It specifies 5 minutes at EI320, so I've gues...

Ilford FP4+ 125 in Rollei D74 1+15

4 minutes, 45 seconds at 21°C/69.8°F

Developer was "DC" version. Similar to ex...

Rollei Rpx 400 in Rollei D74 1+15

7 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F

Continuous agitation first 30s, three inversions every 30s.
27 recipes in total