Recipe & dev times for Agfa Copex Rapid in Caffenol LC+CN


Caffenol LC+CN


Medium Format


15 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F

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500ml Distilled Water at 20 °C
Sodium Carbonate (anhydrous): 5g
Ascorbic Acid (pure 99%): 1g
Instant Coffee: 8g
Iodized Salt: 5g

No pre-soaking, continuous agitation during the first minute, then one inversion every 3rd minute, fix for 3 mins.

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icpcat At 22 March 2024

I didn’t see any comments about how you felt on the results of this. This looks pretty good to me. I would be using potassium bromide in a very small quantity. Thanks for any help, ICPcat

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