Recipe & dev times for Kodak Double-X 200 at 250 in Agfa R09 One Shot 1+50




11 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F

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Agitate 1 min, then 5 secs every 1 min.
Indicit 1+19, 30secs
Superfix 1+4, 5 mins
Wash 'Ilford Technique '
Mirasol 2000 5mins

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cluelesspersonhonestly At 01 November 2017


I swear you're going to laugh at me-- no worries, I totally get it. As you can tell by the screen name, this stuff is NOT my forte. I'm trying to help a family member out with some developing and I love how these pictures turned out compared to others that used different recipes (I know this doesn't only have to do with development, but, you know...). I'm going to try to break down what I think this whole thing means and if you could correct me where I'm wrong (or even painfully write out the steps for somebody as uninvolved in this sort of stuff as me) I'd really appreciate it.


The Agfa is the developer. Got it. And the 1+50 is one part concentrate to 50 parts water, right? I've read about people mixing them before putting them into the tank and some people adding water and then the developer. Is one of these ways TOTALLY wrong? And then you agitate it for a minute, let it sit for a minute, agitate again for five seconds, etc. How long does this go on? Is this the eleven minutes listed in the recipe?

Also, I've Googled indicit to absolute HELL and back and found nothing. What am I missing?! I'm sure this is probably the most aggravating question of the bunch and I feel ridiculous, but I also can't stop laughing at myself. The fixer I'm good with; you dilute that one to four with distilled water. Does it sit totally still for the five minutes? I'm assuming it does since you noted agitation everywhere else. The Ilford technique and Mirasol I'm actually totally solid on, thankfully.

Thank you SO MUCH if you even take time to clear up a little bit of this nonsense. I haven't seen anybody asking so many questions under other recipes so I'm sure this'll be a little bit of a shock to you.

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