Recipe & dev times for Ilford Pan F+ 50 in Caffenol-C 1+0


Caffenol-C 1+0




10 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F

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300ml water, 18g washing soda, 4g vitamin C crystals and 12g coffee crystals.

Developed for 10 mins @ 20C with inversions for the first minute then 3 slow inversions every 30 seconds thereafter.

I didn't use a stop bath, just washed twice with 300 ml of water @ 20C (this stuff stinks up your stop bath baaad), then fixed with Ilford fixer per box instructions and a normal final wash.

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Endemoniada At 05 June 2011

Do you know if the developing time is the same for 120 film? I used roughly the same recipe (but for 600ml instead), and developed for 13 minutes (I'd read another recipe that said between 12 and 15 minutes). The film came out really dark and underdeveloped. Any ideas?

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