Recipe & dev times for Wephota F05 in Photographers' Formulary Pyrocat HD 1:200


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24 minutes (Stand developed) at 21°C/69.8°F

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Activating first 90 seconds, then 10 second on 18 minutes.

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keisaa2012 At 07 July 2013

I was checking Graflex ground glass (found out it should have a fresnel glass) and had 5 leafs of Fomapan 200 left and thought, well, it would be interesting to try Wephota F05 with Pyrocat HD, too, while the only recipe I have found for F05 is a reversal development with positive chemicals by Moersch-photochemie. I have tried with Caffenol and Rodinal, but did not got very good results.

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