Recipe & dev times for Fuji Neopan Acros 100 in Acufine Diafine


Acufine Diafine


Medium Format


Unspecified duration at 20°C/68.0°F

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4 minutes in A
4 minutes in B
For both A&B: 2 gentle inversions at 2:45 & 1:00

Inversions should be very very very sloooow.

Make sure to release air bubbles in the take by tapping the tank at a slight angle on the counter when you put your developer in and when you agitate.

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DanWri At 09 May 2014

I got streaking on some 120 film developing in Diafine. Google searched the problem; other people also experienced it; some people in forums said to pre-soak (even though Diafine instructions say don't pre-soak). The people also had differing opinions about agitation. CraftyMoni: besides your 2 gentle inversions at 2:45 & 1:00, don't you agitate immediately after pouring in each solution? Or at least bang the tank to dislodge air bubbles? Have you ever suffered streaking when developing with Diafine?


CraftyMoni At 09 May 2014

The streaking is most likely bromide drag - it's what most people have trouble with when using Diafine. I have had some issues with it as well. The best way to combat this is to make the agitations as sloooow as you possibly can. Very very slow. And only do the two inversions twice. The drag happens when you agitate too much and Diafine is sensitive to agitation. Oh - and yes! I do bang the tank on the counter to release air bubbles, when I pour in the developer and when I agitate.

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