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ORWO NP20 80 at 50 in Foma Fomadon Excel Stock

6 minutes at 21°C/69.8°F

Film was expired in 1992, shoot and developed in January 2021 :-)

Ilford Pan 400 at 1600 in Ilford ID11 Stock

14 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F

Taken from Massive Dev Chart

Kodak T-MAX 3200 at 6400 in Ilford ID11 Stock

15 minutes, 30 seconds at 20°C/68.0°F

Recipe taken as usual from digitaltruth.com.

ORWO N75 in Ilford ID11 Stock

9 minutes, 30 seconds at 20°C/68.0°F

I found recipe here https://www.digitaltruth.com/devchart.php?Film=%25Orwo%25...

Ilford Delta 3200 at 6400 in Ilford ID11 Stock

13 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F

Recipe taken from digitaltruth.com.

Ilford Pan F+ 50 at 100 in Agfa Rodinal 1:25

12 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F

Just copied what I saw on digitaltruth.com :-)

Ilford Pan F+ 50 at 64 in Agfa Rodinal 1:50

12 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F

Recipe found, as usual, here: https://www.digitaltruth.com/devchart.php?Film=...

Foma Retropan 320 in Agfa Rodinal 1:25

20 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F

Recipe based on what I found here: https://www.digitaltruth.com/devchart.php?...

Foma Retropan 320 in Ilford ID11 Stock

8 hours, 30 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F

As it was 10th development in this stock, I've added 90% of time to 8:30.

Ilford Pan 400 in Ilford ID11 Stock

7 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F

Took from https://www.digitaltruth.com/devchart.php?Film=%25Ilford+Pan+400%25...
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