Recipe & dev times for Ilford Pan F+ 50 in Rodinal 1+100






1 hour at 18°C/64.4°F

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This is how I'd mess up but fortunately recovered.
I forget to check the temperature on start. It's been 14-15C, and it has taken me 14min to realized - warmed up to 20C. I plan a stand development, to speed up development and recover I took a risk and did "the standard process" with agitation - 10s per minute.

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Desert Sun Images At 25 April 2017

Nice images. Rodinal stand development is pretty much fool proof. I never check the temp when I'm using that method, other than to make sure it's not extreme hot or cold.


radek.ostojski At 25 April 2017

Thank you!
Good result in it make me curious enough to test it revert condition, too. So I'd started with temp 23C and cooled down to 20C after 15min. Pretty good results as well. I will publish it later.
Stand development in Rodinal is good fun.

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