Recipe & dev times for Fuji Neopan 1600 in Foma Fomadon LQN 1:10




9 minutes

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Agitated for the first 30sec, then 10 seconds at the beginning of each minute. At approx. 21°C

Since I had no data whatsoever (not even from the massive dev chart, or from google) this time should be taken as such, a well researched guess :-)

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Tanya Skvortsova At 28 August 2010

first time I used this recipe I completely spoiled a roll of neopan 1600, it was underdeveloped. Now got to develop it again using the same chemicals. So your well researched guess seemed to be erroneous :-) I will try again now adding more time for development (or maybe just increasing temp) and add my feedback later here


Tanya Skvortsova At 28 August 2010

so, I must admit this time the recipe worked just fine, all the instructions were followed. Thanks for sharing.

P.S.: I will flickr tag later so everyone can see the result

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