Recipe & dev times for Rollei Retro 400S at 3200 in Rollei RHS 1+7


Rollei RHS 1+7


Medium Format


21 minutes, 15 seconds

Recipe Id



shake for 1m then 4 inversions every min

time from push recommendations for compensating developer from massive dev chart -- 8.5min * 2.5 == 21m12s. Figured this was pretty close to closest example recipe I could find, for Retro 400 (not 400S), here: http://filmdev.org/recipe/show/5727

Poor results could be partly due to bad metering -- roll shot late in a pub.

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trjh At 18 May 2010

...extreme level adjustment did reveal some detail, but I won't put those in my public stream until i get 'model release'.

I will keep working on this until I get a 400S/3200 formula I like.

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