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Ilford HP5+ 400 at 640 in Kodak XTOL + Rodinal 1:100 2:3

10 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F

HP5 grain is very sensitive to the amount of Rodinal and the developing time....

Kodak Tri-X 400 in Kodak XTOL + Rodinal 1:100 1:1

13 minutes at 18°C/64.4°F

Most of my B&W development is done with Xtol plus a pinch of Rodinal. The ...
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Ilford Delta 3200 in Agfa Refinal 1:0

7 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F

Not bad for high ISO

Ilford SFX 200 in Agfa Refinal 1:0

6 minutes, 30 seconds at 20°C/68.0°F

SFX is a slightly infrared film.
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Shanghai GP3 100 in Agfa Refinal 1:0

8 minutes at 19°C/66.2°F

I really like Refinal for general use. Easy to use: one standard time for al...
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