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Rollei Retro 100 in Rollei Low Speed 1:4

13 minutes at 24°C/75.2°F

Presoaked film for one minute. Agitation throughout the first minute, then on...

Kodak T-Max 400 in Kodak HC-110 1+31

6 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F

Dilution B from syrup. Rinse; Agitate for 30 seconds, then 5 seconds every ha...

Kodak T-Max 400 in Agfa R09 One Shot 1+100

1 hour (Stand developed)

Agitated for the first 5 minutes, then 10 seconds after the first half hour. ...

Ilford Delta 3200 in Rollei RHS 1+7

10 minutes

At 20°C; 30 seconds initial agitation, then 5 seconds every full minute. ...

Kodak Portra 400BW in Rollei Digibase C41

Unspecified duration

C-41 processing using a JOBO processor.

GP Surv. 27 in Agfa R09 One Shot 1+50

22 minutes

The General Photo / GP Surv. 27 seems to be an Rollei Retro 400S/Agfa ASP-ish...

Kodak Tri-X 400 in Rollei RHS 1+9

7 minutes

Presoaked, continuous agitation for the first 30 seconds, then one agitation ...

Foma Fomapan 400 in Rollei RHS 1:9

6 minutes, 30 seconds

20°C. Presoaked. Agitation for the first 30 seconds, then one agitation ever...

Foma Fomapan T 200 at 800 in Agfa R09 One Shot 1:50

22 minutes at 20°C/68.0°F

20°C, presoaked, agitated for two minutes, then one inversion every minute.

Solaris FGPlus 400 in Agfa R09 One Shot 1:50

13 minutes

Color film developed in Rodinal at about 20°C. (C-41 to B&W x-pro) Presoake...
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